Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Why men should not sing

After dancing, singing is the next thing for men to avoid wherever possible. Usually anyway. Sometimes bad singing is good.

Talking of being Lost in Translation, in the movie of that name Bill Murray sings one of Bryan Ferry’s prettiest songs so badly it's quite beautiful. I'd happily have this on my Desert Island.

Karaoke is like blogging: a revolutionary democratising force that removes the barriers of privelege, networking, money and finally, talent.


Duck said...

One of my favorite songs! I'm a Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music fan.

That song could be interpreted as an anthem for atheism.

Chippy said...

My God, I often forget why I hate that film so much, but when that song's taken out of the context of nothing else happening for two long long hours, that's a great version by Mr. Murray.

Brit said...


It must be a divisive film. I've heard a few people say they hated it. I loved it, but then I like films where nothing much happens.

monix said...

The French have mastered the art of making fascinating films where nothing happens. It was good to find an English-language film in this genre. I liked it, but then I like to watch paint dry and trees come into leaf.