Thursday, March 01, 2007

please please please

Two requests this morning.

The first is for Virgin Media and Sky to please resolve their silly spat and restore Sky One and Sky Sports News to my package, so that I can resume feeding my twin televisual addictions of The Simpsons and endlessly repeated interviews with Arsene Wenger. Thank'ee.

The second is for my silent readership. As blogs go, TofE is pretty lively, but silent readers still outnumber commenters. Conversations offline have suggested that some people might feel a bit 'intimated' by the general smart-aleckery, but the reality is that comments are the lifeblood of blogs, everybody is welcome and valued, and bloggers are pathetically grateful for any kind of comment short of outright personal abuse. So come on in, you bloody voyeurs, don’t be shy: the water’s lovely.


M Ali said...

If that hairy publicity hound's antics mean my wrestling viewing gets interfered with in any way, there will be Consequences.

Brit said...

Will you hit him with a folded chair?

monix said...

Just for the sake of adding to your comments as well as smart-aleckery - might your silent viewers be intimidated as well?

Susan's Husband said...

Here's a short ditty I wrote about the Duke lacross case to the tune of Rose Tint My World — I decided it wasn't good enough for the weblogs that focus on the case, but a friend in need is always welcome to left-overs.

It was great when it all began
I was a regular Nifong fan.
But it was over when the DNA
Said the players were A-OK.

Now the only thing that gives me hope
Is love from those faculty dopes
Rage tint my world, make 'em angry for my profit and gain

His pressers were so brave and bold.
Truly beautiful to behold.
But somebody should be told
His public statements need to be controlled.

It seems the only thing he's come to trust
Is an orgasmic accusing rush.
Rage tint my world, make 'em angry for my profit and gain

Mike Beversluis said...

...bloggers are pathetically grateful for any kind of comment short of outright personal abuse.

True dat. Some people blog for affirmation, and some people don't blog.

erp said...

brit, do you care if comments stray off topic?

Peter Burnet said...

Yeah, Brit, for example can I post a rant on Darwinism when you give us your next YouTube clip on the Carry On gang?

Brit said...

SH: Thanks, it's good enough for ToE. But then, what isn't? Actually, it is good.

Mike: I would like to distance myself from that statement - I was talking generally of course. (I'll even take personal abuse.)

Erp: I didn't even realise I had topics, so no, not at all.

Peter: Knock yourself out.

erp said...

Okay then I'll go back to the previous post about unusual jobs and make my o/t comment.

Susan's Husband said...

RHPS always makes me "Think of England". One my friends took a trip to London, the highlight of which was attending a live production of the play version of RHPS. She said was better than the movie.

martpol said...


Doesn't the Sky/Virgin situation just make you weep for the Good Old Days when the Morecambe and Wise Christmas show got 18 million viewers, all the football was in one place, and a phone line was a phone line?

Soon a completely unexpected company will come along - Guinness, say, or Bradford & Bingley - and offer three phones, digital TV, broadband, banking, gas, electricity, water, books, food, air and sex all in one £40-a-month package. And then civilisation will officially be able to progress no further.

Peter Burnet said...


What a deal! Do they offer a discount version with extra books and no sex? :-)

Oroborous said...

Extra books and no sex is of course the premium package, not the discounted one.

Brit said...


I do sometimes feel nostalgia for the days when everybody watched the same thing. But despite the proliferation of channels I don't think I watch more TV, I just complain harder about how rubbish it all is.