Sunday, March 18, 2007

Around the blogs

A couple of TofE's favourites earn their Thoggers:

Bryan Appleyard ponders the legacy of Susan Sontag and incidentally makes the observation:

All airports aren't the same any more than all Gothic cathedrals are the same, indeed their surface similarity dramatises their differences.

This is the best kind of observation: something which is obvious but generally missed.

Meanwhile, Gordon McCabe writes a typically brain-bleeding piece on the Ultimate Question.


Duck said...

All airports may be different, but only in uninteresting ways.

Oroborous said...

It's possible that that's mostly true, Duck, but Denver International and McCarran International in Las Vegas are very interesting - for an hour, at least.

Oroborous said...

Re: Gordon McCabe, by brain started bleeding here - Mathematical structures exist necessarily because mathematical existence is merely absence from contradiction, and modern theoretical physics represents the physical universe as a mathematical structure, hence the physical universe exists necessarily as a special case of mathematical existence - and then the essay got technical.

Ali Choudhury said...

Meh. That's not the ultimate question. That would be where do socks disappear to from washing-machines?