Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I’ll have to hurry you

Bamber Gascoigne, the memorably-named, formidably-foreheaded ex-host of University Challenge has been somewhat busy, it seems.

He has created a search-engine/encyclopaedia type thing called Timesearch, which he thinks identifies a niche as yet unfilled by either of those brilliant behemoths Google and Wikipedia.

The idea is that you can find things you didn’t know you were looking for, by browsing historical periods, themes and geographical locations, rather than searching for particular words.

The site contains over 10,000 articles so far and (here is the news that rocks me to my foundations of bone-idle inadequacy) it seems that Bamber has written them all!

No doubt his eventual reward for this Samuel Johnson-like productivity will be to make a mint selling out to one of the behemoths. And good luck to him, says I.

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Oroborous said...

That's great. It's how I learn half of the stuff I do now.