Sunday, March 25, 2007

Googleproof Quiz update

Two questions from the Googleproof Quiz have been answered correctly.

1. Who was Gerald? Was it PA, BH, RB or TE?

2. Who was the fat, funny guy who was in the one with the guy who went into the head of the guy who said it was beyond his control?
Answer: Jack Black. John Malkovich repeatedly said that it is "beyond my control" in Dangerous Liaisons, John Cusack went into his head in being John Malkovich, and Jack Black co-starred with him as the fat funny one in High Fidelity.

3. Who said (Nox3)?
Answer: Amy Winehouse. She said No, No, No in the song Rehab.

Congratulations to Adelephant who got number 2, and to Duck who got 3.

Here's a clue for 1: it's from a British novel. And the man who discovered Gerald was GS.

(Note to Duck, it is not sufficient merely to guess correctly from the multiple choice. You have to explain why.)


Duck said...

Am I in trouble?

erp said...

Duck, have you ever not been in trouble?

Duck said...

I think so. Once.