Monday, March 26, 2007

Mexican post-postmodernism

A new theme park gives thrill-seekers the chance to play at being desperate Mexicans trying to illegally cross the border to the US.

Visitors to the Parque EcoAlberto are put in the position of workers struggling to escape across the Mexican border. They must hike through undergrowth, dash down steep hills and across rivers, and slip under barbed-wire fences, reports Metro.

Also, they must stay out of the crossfire of watchful border guards during the four-hour night-time ordeal known as 'caminata nocturna'.

Each visitor pays the equivalent of £10 for the privilege at the theme park in Hidalgo, actually a comfortable 700miles from the US border.

I'm not normally one for saying that the World Has Gone to Hell in a Handcart, but...


Duck said...

I remember watching an installment on 60 Minutes many years ago about some resort in Britain where people went to be humiliated, very similar to one of those Japanese game shows, except they weren't on TV nor was there any chance of winning prizes. Morley Safer tried to use this bizarre behavior to peer into the British soul. Something about stiff upper lip, or masochism. I can't remember which.

Duck said...
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