Thursday, March 01, 2007

Funnily enough, it’s exactly what my Vocational Assessment Test predicted

Here are some jobs to make one's parents proud.

First, Gloucestershire CCC, of which I am a member, introduce us to one Wraye Wenigmann, who is the Women’s Officer for the German Cricket Federation.

Having taken a few moments to absorb the full import of that prestigious title, meet Michael Knott. He’s just landed a role playing John Prescott’s arse.

"I'm a bit of a fatty but my bum's pretty pert. It's quite smooth and not hairy or pimply. I look after it by giving it a dusting of talc each night,” boasts Michael, 54.


Peter Burnet said...

A long time ago, there was a series of ads for Glad garbage bags featuring a silver-haired goofball in a shiny suit who would appear miraculously to save a harried housewife whose garbage had just spilled all over the kitchen when the cheaper bag broke. He was called "The Man from Glad" and for years I've thought of him as a symbol of the most humiliating thing your father could do for a living.

Not anymore.

Susan's Husband said...

I (and other sadistic thugs) used to tease one co-worker that his skills were so bad he should concentrate on becoming a "stunt butt". Glad to see that advice wasn't completely unrealistic.

erp said...

"... at the end of the meeting their was discussion ... ." Tsk tsk. I didn't know the schools in the UK are as bad as those in the US.

Brit said...

This is why the web is great. Not only can a resident of Florida be induced to read a story about the Women’s Officer for the German Cricket Federation visiting Gloucestershire County Cricket Club, she'll even proof-read it for you.

erp said...

brit, old editors never die, they just fade away to sunny Florida where they're condemned to proof read through eternity and beyond.