Tuesday, March 27, 2007

How green was my valley?

Who is the greener: the crunchies or the carbonophobes?

A fascinating intra-green battle was described on Radio 4’s ‘Crossing Continents’ programme last night.

Iceland’s government wants to build a simply mammoth dam to feed energy to a new smelter and ultimately to sell ‘clean’ hydro energy to the world. It is estimated that by using this 'clean' energy, carbon emissions from aluminium production are reduced by some 90%.

But wait. The dam will mean flooding some places, draining others and generally wrecking the aesthetics of the landscape. Omar Ragnarsson, who seems to be an Icelandic version of Jon Snow, claims that the Karahnjukar dam has “the greatest irreversible environmental impact possible in Iceland.”

Environmentalists from across the world are charging to Iceland - presumably after neutralising their flights – to protest against the carbon-reducing green power. And Bjork has written a song about it.


Duck said...

So they want to save a pristine wilderness that noone ever visits. Hmmm. Reminds me about a saying about a tree falling in the woods.

Mike Beversluis said...

I suspect there will be the same fight between pro-nuclear environmentalists and the rest down the road. I'm curious how this turns out - can pragmatism and good win out over Bjork?

Susan's Husband said...


Are you kidding me? I have encountered people protesting proposd industrial activity on the Moon because it would disturb the environment.

Brit said...

Welcome back, SH. You didn't happen to spot Peter on your travels, by any chance?

Harry Eagar said...

At least the dam won't affect the polar bears because they're all going to be extinct by the time it's finished.

Look for the silver lining, Iceland!

Gordon McCabe said...

I think it's cruel to mammoths.