Saturday, March 17, 2007

Suicide worms

The next few mornings, I would walk into the kitchen to see a crack team of suicide worms fanned out across the floor, their carcases dried up and stuck to the Lino.

This extraordinary line is taken from Ben's terrifying, eerie, inspiring, pathos-ridden and ultimately deeply consoling Tale of the Tiger Worms, which appears over on Woolgatherer and is surely the most eye-popping comment yet posted on a blog by anyone.

It also puts one in mind of the ultimate computer game.

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Duck said...

This has been a week for "synchronicity". First, a day after I adopted a cat from a co-worker, Julia Buckley writes that she is in the hunt for a new feline friend. then David mentions the short story "Coventry" after Oro has just mentioned it to his wife. Now you talk about the video game "Worms" two days after a coworker who I discuss games with just happened to mention it. Could this be a sign of the, you know, the big D?