Monday, March 12, 2007

Give and take

Shilpa Shetty’s commendably stiff-upper-lippish response to bullying by grisly uber-chav Jade Goody on Big Brother prompted some commentators to note that archetypal British qualities are now more frequently to be found in India than in the mother country.

I was somewhat sceptical about this claim, until I read that Liz Hurley had to wait for the Indian leg of her absurdly protracted nuptials for the traditional Wedding Punch-up.

Can't get much more British than that.


Ali Choudhury said...

I dunno. The abuse Jade has taken looks like some columnists are still victims of class snobbery.

Duck said...

Isn't the traditional wedding punchup usually between the bride's father and one of the drunken groomsmen?

Brit said...

Or the bride and her mother-in-law?