Friday, March 16, 2007


League's shoot-out plans savaged

Football managers and chairmen have laughed off proposals to decide drawn Football League games with a penalty shoot-out.

League chairman Lord Mawhinney wants to introduce shoot-outs to allocate a bonus point at the end of a drawn game.

Bristol City chairman Steve Lansdown has described the plans as "a crackpot idea" and his Cardiff counterpart Peter Risdale thinks it is a "nonsense idea".

That these ‘plans’ were savaged is not interesting. What’s interesting is that Lord Mawhinney is still somehow in the job when he has so clearly demonstrated that he has not the remotest understanding of the game that employs him.

He should have been sacked the moment – the very moment – this cretinous suggestion emerged from his ignorant mouthbox.


Peter Burnet said...

The NHL introduced this last year and it seems to be working pretty well. Five minutes of overtime followed by a shootout, with the extra point to the winner.

OTOH, never in my life have I heard of a hockey team that played for a draw or celebrated one.

Brit said...

That doesn't surprise me. North American sports fans need a result. You're simple folk, in'tcha?

The draw away against a better team and hard-won point is part of the culture of league football.

But that is only half of the cretinocity of this cretin's cretinishness, since even on its own terms this scheme would fail: it would encourage weaker teams to hang on for the draw, knowing they've got a good chance of ending up with two points, instead of risking getting none by over-attacking.

Peter Burnet said...

You mean we are too simple to know how to write clever pieces on how scoreless draws, drunken brawls in the stands, racist songs and chants, feigned injuries and defensive snores are all integral parts of the glorious "culture" of the game and must never, ever be tampered with or the world would come to an end. I'll buy that.

Re: your last sentence. Why would that be any different that what you have admitted weaker teams do now?

Brit said...

Admitted? I'm not ashamed of it.

The point is that Mawhinney's law would increase the thing he wants to reduce, so it is self-defeating as well as ignorant.

Duck said...

But he's a commissioner. What else is he supposed to do if not come up with proposals? He wants to leave his mark on the game.

I say that all ties should be decided by rock-paper-scissors.

Brit said...

I think they should start by playing two rounds of rock-paper-scissors, and if it's a tie they should play a football match as a decider.