Friday, March 09, 2007

Some loose ends

Time for an update on some popular TofE concerns.

First, Anthony Gormley’s Another Country statues are to be allowed to continue their existentialist vigil at Crosby.

Meanwhile, Gordon McCabe posts an evocative description of the London Underground, which perfectly captures the weirdness of the thing, and also provides an update on the singular expression of genius that is the Tube Map.

Finally, Think of England's Unlikely Mascot, Amy Winehouse, has won a potato lookee-likee comp.


Adelephant said...

Watching the footage of the underground train driver's journey is fantastically surreal.

I always thought it was an unhappy coincidence that as I was running down the platform, coat flapping, papers flying, tripping over whatever surplus edge of garment/litter/copy of the metro is in the way, red faced and dishevelled, I reached the train doors on the final beep, and stood humiliated by its brash departure.

Sadly, I can now see that it is entirely deliberate.

erp said...

Adelephant, you're not looking at your commute in the right way. What you need to do is be thankful for the opportunity to hob and nob with your fellows, engaging in bright conversation and even reasoned discourse while you wile away the time waiting for the next train, bus, trolley, pedicab to come your way.

Also be thankful that you aren't forced to drive your own car, equipped with A/C, sound systems, wi-fi, geo positioning and bereft of your fellows except those you have invited to join you. Imagine the in extremis situation with which you'd be faced if you were to be forced to drive alone with nobody at all to chat at you.

Yes indeed, count your blessings.

David said...

I don't think that she looks one bit like a potato.

Brit said...

So it seems, sadly, Adelephant.

But you can hardly blame the drivers for spicing up what must be an incredibly tedious job.