Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Irony Police are watching

A Scottish town is to set up a Star Trek memorial to celebrate its claim to the fictional birthplace of Scotty the engineer.

Ironically, the scheme - at Linlithgow - has been given the go-ahead by West Lothian's "enterprise committee".

It goes without saying that that isn’t remotely ironic. It is, however, desperate.


Toque said...

Thing is that Linlithgow is actually a nice little town with a loch and a splendid palace.

It has no need of such gimmicks.

Talking of irony

Duck said...

Would it be ironic if they later found out that one of their native sons was DeForest Kelley, the guy who played southern country doctor "Bones McCoy"?

monix said...

I suppose the decision having been made by the 'enterprise' committee is mere humorous coincidence. If visitor numbers went down because they were put off by the memorial, it might be a case od cosmic irony.
Spending a sunny Saturday afternoon pondering the nicesties of this question may well qualify as pedantry. (Go on, correct me!)

Duck said...

btw I saw James Doohan in person when he spoke at my college in 1977. Just in case you want to update your "degrees of separation" index.

Mike Beversluis said...

Duck, I'll see you Dirk Benedict, and raise you Adam West.

Duck said...

I saw Adam West at LAX. I was in the queue at the security checkpoint, and they whisked Adam around the queue and through the scanner as I waited.

martpol said...

I seem to remember a story that James Doohan fathered a child at the age of 80. This is in no way ironic, nor should it be linked to classic Scotty pronouncements such as "I canna push her any faster".