Saturday, April 21, 2007

Superskinny Me

Health campaigners have expressed concerns over a Channel 4 show encouraging women to go on crash diets.

In Super-Skinny Me: The Race to Size Zero, several female journalists will try out various extreme diets.

This must be the third or fourth instance of female journalists (or in one case, Louise Redknapp) attempting to get to a Size Zero in the last month alone. They're all supposedly showing the terrible health risks and the ugly side of extreme dieting.

Commendable maybe, but please, once was enough - we get the message. I can't shake the sneaking suspicision that these women are just using the journalistic angle as an excuse.


Duck said...

They can all kiss Tyra Bank's shiny brown ass.

Oroborous said...

Unless the woman is very short or naturally quite lean, size zero will make her look emaciated, not sexy.

Dimensions for size 0.

The average women should aim for a size six. Marilyn Monroe, for instance, was what we'd now call a size ten.