Saturday, April 14, 2007

Retreat to the shed

Friend of ToE Robert Crampton, forced to write about interiors for a special edition of the Times Magazine, describes a phenomenon we can surely all relate to, lads.

Sorry, but a nasty infestation of Alex has forced me to temporarily introduce Word Verification. These things tend to go away after a bit.

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Duck said...

That's a hilarious piece, and it's true. I like this sentence:

"I sigh and think: if only the rest of the house could look like this, a cross between a gym, Bomber Command and the clerical section of an ailing factory."

Interestingly my house is beginning to resemble that. The kitchen especially looks like the clerical and the manufacturing section of an ailing brewery.

This may expose my American lack of breeding, but one of the funniest, and truest, shows on marriage in the last 20 years was "Married with Children". There is one episode in particular that echoes the long retreat from the home. Peggy has redecorated the bathroom all in pink, with flowers and a portrait of herself staring back at Al as he sat on his throne. Al is forced to search the city for public restrooms acceptable to a man's needs - cold white porcelain and tile. He finds fellow male outcasts queueing up at the gas station washroom. He finally resolves to build his own bathroom sanctuary in the garage, complete with a four roll toilet paper rack.