Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I'm not sure what to make of the world today. On the one hand, it seems that many Iranians are fiercely proud of the pointless act of aggression that could ultimately bring Armageddon raining down on their idiot heads.

But on the other hand, these otters are just so damn cute.


Gordon McCabe said...

Otters might look cute, but just think about the damage they do to their local ecosystems, building dams which kill much of the local wildlife.

monix said...

Aren't otters part of local wildlife and just doing what an otter has to do when they build dams?

I must say, even though I live in Tarka country, I've never seen otters swimming hand in hand on their backs. I never had them down as circus acts.

Harry Eagar said...

Do your otters build dams?

Over here, that's the beavers' job.

One of the factoids I cherish, when people start talking about the environment, is that the only reason you still have otters is that the Scots made the job of otter-murdering heriditary.

monix said...

Otters tend to take over badger setts and rabbit warrens near the river bank. They also build platforms among tree roots in the shallows, nothing like the dams that beavers build.

annalouise said...

Regardless of their criminal propensity, I think we have to accept that this video of these two otters is very very cute and would bring a tear to the eye of even the strongest of men.