Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Grand National

It's the big race today, and millions of mug punters, including me, will waste a healthy wedge of their hard-earned on an aimless punt on the hoss with the best name.

This is all as it should be. The only thing that irritates me about the National is the people who come into the office on Monday and inform you that they 'picked' the winner but didn't wager any money because they 'don't agree with it.'


Brit said...

Good news! There is a horse running in the National with the magnificently simple name of Simon.

One of my dreams has come true.

Duck said...

I'll never learn if I don't ask. What's a mug punter? From the context, mug is a horse and punt is a bet. Is that correct?

So how did your horse do?

Brit said...

A punt is a bet, and a mug is a damn fool, a patsy, a naif, or what have you.