Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The inevitable

Fresh from its success in eliminating global poverty in 2005, the world of rock music is back to tackle the Big One:

More than 200,000 people registered for tickets to the Live Earth concert at Wembley Stadium, organisers have said.

Interested fans had 72 hours from Friday to Monday to register before a ballot to distribute the £55 tickets.

Madonna, James Blunt and the Red Hot Chili Peppers are among the 17 acts confirmed for the concert, which aims to raise awareness of climate change.

The only way 'awareness of climate change' could be raised any higher than its current Himalayan heights would be if the Government paid students to come round to your house, beat drums and repeatedly scream "Anthropogenic Global Warming!" through your letterbox, without pause, for a week.

But this concert's heart is in the right place, I'm sure. Doubtless the Greatest Hits collections of Madonna and the Chili Peppers can always do with a bit of awareness-raising.


Duck said...

"Awareness raising" is a way to do something without really doing something. And as you state, it is usually done after everyone is already aware of the problem in question.

robshaka said...

I don't know if 7/7 is the right date for this. It's a tad insensitive.
The live8 one seemed pretty deceptive though. It seemed more about people coming together in a cathartic embrace to cleanse their guilt. After that it was back to blissful ignorance.

AndrewR said...

My abiding memory of Live8 was the hilarious spectacle of the Beckhams - the epitomy of materialism and obscene wealth - attempting to 'dress down' for the occasion, presmably in an attempt to show empathy with the down-trodden.
At least she didn't try to sing...
(Brit - I've finally contributed!!!)

Julia Buckley said...


Brit said...

Welcome aboard, AndrewR. And how right you are.

Robshaka: I think you could be right.