Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bacon butty news

Scientists have created a mathematical formula of how to make the perfect bacon butty, says the BBC.

Brown roll, tommy sauce, English mustard.

Bish bash bosh. Innit.


monix said...

Did the same team research what makes a perfect biscuit?

There is obviously a shortage of wise grannies in Leeds but plenty of well-fed student volunteer researchers.

Susan's Husband said...

Probably plaigarized from here.

Brit said...

Now don't get me wrong - nobody can beat the Americans when it comes to cooking great big manly chunks of meat on a fire - but one thing that disappointed me in the States was the bacon. You seem to go for that nasty thin streaky stuff instead of proper juicy back bacon.

Any excuses for this odd behaviour?

Duck said...

I can't comment on American vs British bacon, but I will be sure to add bacon to my fact finding agenda when I visit Blighty.

Speaking of bacon and grilled slabs of meat, I bought myself the George Foreman indoor grill. This is my AGA. It works great for bacon.

I am giving another try to the Atkins diet. Last time I tried it I lost 35 lbs, but its hard to stay on such a diet when you live with someone else who fills the cupboards with carbohydrate rich foods, plus buys candy to celebrate every holiday. So it will be slabs of grilled meat, sausage, bacon and eggs in the Duquette bunker from here on in.