Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Old Blue Eyes

Although I stand by the claim that Frank Sinatra was so great a singer that he alone could make such unutterable drivel as My Way sound good, there are a couple of songs that stretched even his talents beyond the limits of acceptable listening.

The first is of course High Hopes, a wretched la-dee-da piece of High-Apple-Pie-eee in the Skyeee cringery.

The other is the intolerable Love and Marriage. However, in searching for it on YouTube, I was delighted to come across this video, which is perhaps the last word in anti-MTV minimalism and illustrates the inevitable circularity of all culture.


Duck said...

I once heard a recording of Sinatra singing "Bad Bad Leroy Brown". Bad bad Frank!

Brit said...

That's a great song, surely?