Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Just who is Guido Fawkes? is the question nobody is asking

What are blogs for? Guido Fawkes thinks they are for battering British politicians.

Guido has attained a moderate bloggish kind of fame for his daily assault on political animals of all colours. He has no agenda except a kind of adolescent anti-everything anarchic libertarianism.

Bryan Appleyard met Guido and has given him a rather too generous write-up here.

The fact that Guido met a mainstream journo like Bryan illustrates that his real problem is that he can’t decide whether he wants to be famous or anonymous. Or rather, he wants to be famous for being anonymous. So he settles for a ridiculous halfway house where he appears on national television in silhouette. But anyone who gives a hoot one way or the other knows who he is. He is some guy called Paul Staines who calls himself Guido and has a daily bloggy bash at British politicians.

Here he is on telly, in 'disguise', being beaten up by a proper journalist:

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David said...

That was the same article in which Appleyard claimed that all "neo-cons" are corporate shills. That may be true for Britain -- I have no idea what's considered neo-con there -- but in the states is would be a nonsense statement. Our neo-cons are Trotskyites.