Thursday, April 19, 2007

On Steven Gerrard

A more cheerful sporting note today, and another scorcher from Stevie G last night. Reviewing some of the many worshipful compilations on YouTube, I'm reminded of how ridiculously often the boy does it. He's a freak.

I've never watched a game where Gerrard was playing for the opposition. But I imagine that if that situation arose, I would feel a deep sense of fear and foreboding every time this gangling youth collected the ball and loped towards my penalty area.

I've been putting it off for too long now - the time has come to say it. He's overtaken Dalglish. He's the best player Liverpool have ever had.


Gordon McCabe said...

I watched the 10-minute highlights of the Middlesborough game last night on Youtube. (Incidentally, why does Middlesborough exist? What is it for?). Peter Crouch completely missed the ball on one occasion when he had the opportunity to shoot, Pennant laid 3 successive shooting opportunities on a plate to Sissoko, who mis-hit each one, and Carragher was day-dreaming on one occasion, and got dispossessed when we was the last man. And then up steps Stevie G. to save the day again.

A friend once asked me several years ago who I'd like to be, if I could be anyone in the world. I thought a moment, and then said 'Steven Gerrard'. I've had no reason to repent this judgement.

Brit said...

That's an easy one. If I could be anyone in the world, I'd be Peter Burnet, of course.