Monday, September 27, 2010

Stan Madeley

Over at The Dabbler I interview Stan Madeley, the UK's number one Richard Madeley lookalike and author of the brilliant new book Second Class Male.

It is a particularly hilarious book of real letters and replies from the rich and famous. I'm priveleged to have been peeping at the progress of this book since its inception - it's wonderful to see it come to fruition.

If you liked things like The Richard Madeley Appreciation Society or even the silly side of Think of England, you'll love it. So do go ahead and buy it - online or from WH Smiths if you're going down the shops. In fact, buy several as it's a perfect Christmas pressie too.

1 comment:

Stan Madeley said...

Thank you Brit for conducting such a gracious interview. It was like being worked over by Michael Parkinson wearing mittens.