Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Death of Sex

The Sunday Times mag this week carried a lengthy article by feminist academic Camille Paglia about Lady Gaga and 'the death of sex' which, as far as I could tell - and I read it carefully though, of course, as a layman - made absolutely no sense at all.

That article is behind the paywall, but you might enjoy this 1993 fax flame war between Paglia and the equally monstrous Julie Burchill. These two are what some people might admiringly call 'ballsy' women - 'ballsy' apparently meaning 'having the worst and most pathetic masculine characteristics', such as a vast but paper-thin ego.


Gaw said...

I misread the post's title as The Dearth of Sex. Shaun will probably read things into that.

martpol said...

I love this fantastically self-regarding line from Paglia, explaining the importance of being friends with her:

"You had an opportunity to move forward and to grow by making an important alliance."

Hannah Stoneham said...

I amsorry that I missed the article but it doesn't sound like a very likely thesis...

Peter said...

Annus Inconditus

Sexual intercourse ended
In two thousand and three
(which was high time for me)
Between when Camille's fame was expended
And Lady Gaga's first CD.

Up to then there'd only been
A torrid rapture,
A blind jump into the ring,
A thrill that started at sixteen
And spread to everything.

Then all at once the balloon burst:
Everyone felt the same,
And every life became
distracted by cryptical thirst,
A quite enfeebling game.

So life was never sadder than
In two thousand and three
(Though more philosophic for me) -
Between when Camille's fans became grans
And Lady Gaga's first CD.

Brit said...

Bravo Peter!

Peter said...

The second line in the second stanza should read "A quest for the consummate fling"

malty said...

Sex doesn't die, it sort of fades away. As the old Russian Emigre in one of Furst's novels (any one will do) said after a session with a Paris hooker "would have preferred a good lunch"
Nice one Peter, although many would deny, as it all fades the relief is palpable.

Of course when Jagger sang "not fade away" it was a Mars bar he was referring to

Sean said...

I think sex gets better the older you get. I mean they you are at 17 fumbling about, shocked that you have scored and then you hit 40 and you have the whole thing nailed..you know when to joust and when to execute, and you don't need alcohol either, even on a Sunday afternoon.

I am surprised you could be interested in what a "feminist" babbling on about a 20 something nearly somebody,who does not seem to know which entrance is the important one is worth the effort?

Imagine the laughter if Rooney had been caught shagging a feminist? now that really would be the death of sex and I am not being ironic.