Wednesday, September 08, 2010


That last post was the 1,000th on Think of England. Gosh, what a lot of rubbish I've written.


Gaw said...

Congratulations! And in some ways it's only the beginning...

Susan said...

Congratulations! How curiously amazing... Is there a post counter on blogger, or have you been keeping a record?

Brit said...

A record, Susan, what kind of geek do you take me for? No, it tells you in your dashboard how many posts you've got.

Thankee both.

zmkc said...

The important thing with rubbish is not to hoard it

Hey Skipper said...

Gosh, what a lot of rubbish I've written.

That's rubbish.

Brit said...

Thankee Skipper.

In fact a more lasting measure of TofE would be in the number of chums I've made...he said, cloyingly.

Peter said...

Congrats and well done. Surely the occasion calls for some endorsements you can place on your home page.

"I wouldn't dream of starting my day without checking TOE and the Weather Channel" (Marge from Poughskeepie)

"The Trading Posts (giggle)are sublime. Takes the Shopping Channel to a whole new level" (Edna from Slough))

"The nonsense just keeps on rambling." (Sandy from Arbroath)

" A 21st century tour de force. Combines the traditional lunchtime country stroll with postmodern musings on how everything is rubbish." (Ian McEwan, London)

"Destroys the planet with wit and whimsy" (Paul Kingsnorth--a cave in Devonshire)

Brit said...

Good thinking, Peter. I'm impressed that, as a Canadian, you've picked up on the names and places that are intrinsically funny in Britain. "Edna from Slough", "Arbroath"..."Ian McEwan" etc

Other guaranteed ribticklers:

Leamington Spa
Bognor Regis
Tunbridge Wells

Peter said...

Brit, if you had the time, I could tell you about lots of other things I can do as a Canadian.

malty said...

Hey, Scheherazade baby, how's it all hanging.
Turkish delights all round.