Thursday, September 02, 2010

Scotland bans all small pleasures

...or will at some point. Read this SNP initiative and weep for the Jocks.

I'm not sure exactly why people who want Scottish independence should also be anti-human, joyless busybodies, but it seems to be the case every time.


Sean said...

I somehow dont think this is all going to happen, do you?

Its neat politics as it is done these days, propose something radical that ticks a lot of boxes with a large block of people, compromise and tick another set of boxes with another large group of people, then dump it and blame the dregs who did not allow your utopia dreams to succeed and in doing so get all those boxes re-ticked.

its a pity we have to go through these rituals, but I suppose its better than the alternative.

Is there an election on north of the boarder?

Irn Bru and Tizer a pretty good as fizzy drinks go anyway.

Rob said...

It will only make a marginal difference, if any. Could even make it worse in fact. Scotland's booze/substance abuse problem is cultural. Alcoholics will end up paying more on booze and less on food, bills or children. Many will just end up like junkies - begging.

There's already a pretty strong market in contraband spirits throughout the country anyway. It's interesting that most of the booze that will be hit by this is cheap booze that the poor mostly drink. For all their holier than thou talk, this is just snobbery with a progressive face.