Friday, September 10, 2010

Great Tasting Blood Builder

...that was the queasy slogan that spewed at me from the rear end of a bus this morning.

I'd forgotten the name of the product (the delicious-sounding Feroglobin Liquid) so I googled the slogan and found this:

which is from this blog. Like some sort of precog, Allan had posted exactly what I was going to post, 16 months before I was going to post it. There are only three possible explanations:

1. everything has already been blogged before somewhere.
2. the Blood Builder post has some sort of sentience or life force of its own, and keeps itself alive by parasitically skipping from blog to blog
3. Allan is a version of me in a parallel universe, and the Blood Builder advert acts as a kind of portal between these two realities.

I currently favour theory 2.


Peter said...

"Ve at Vampire Inc. is pleased to offer evidenced-based, proven scientific health drink to gorgeous young persons to improve with night visions and the sex life."

Allan said...

Eventually everything will have been blogged about, although I thought the blog singularity wasn't supposed to happen until at least 2014.

I suspect it may be a plot by the vampires behind blood builder and very soon everyone in the world will have got their teeth into a blog post about delicious-sounding Feroglobin liquid.

Although if you're thinking about writing a post about a museum of wooden arses then it's definitely 3.