Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Cellists and team stars

Over at The Dabbler I have recently posted on cellists and launched the Row Z sports feature.


martpol said...

I started working here 9 years ago, when there remained a fanatical devotion to snail mail "if it's important".

Invitations, meeting requests, funding applications, promotional stuff - it was unthinkable that such things could be done by electronic means. Even the amendments for our newsletter, rather than being e-mailed to our designer, were carried by hand to their office. E-mail was for quick bits of insignificant communication, like the suggestion of an afer-work pint.

These days - and particularly during a recession - sending something in the post seems almost frivolous, a surprising decadence. When I receive mail, at least anything that isn't in the 90% of mail made up of subscriptions or junk, my eyes light up. I hold it close to my beating heart for a moment before opening, wondering who might think so much of me as to actually write.

martpol said...

I meant indulgent, not frivolous.