Friday, September 03, 2010

Hawkins and Dawking

“There’s no God” announced Stephen Hawking,
The result was a great deal of squawking,
'Til someone came clean
That his voicebox machine
Had been sabotaged by Richard Dawking.*



Peter said...

Well, that's it, I surrender. One simply can't argue with a sage whose wisdom is grounded solidly in objective, evidenced-based observation and experiment.

David said...

Though I be but a bloodthirsty brigand;
I like to read Think of England.
But spotting yon limerick
I beg Andrew ... um, er ... Brit,
Please do not up and start this again.

Brit said...

David, thanks for the timely reminder,
Goodness me, Peter B played a blinder!
Dear old Duck tried his luck
With no little pluck,
But on the ear his rhymes could have been kinder...

Peter said...

Brit once suffered beneath the delusion
He knew ultimate Truth to exclusion
Of Post-Juddites diverse,
Who in verse he would curse,
Now he dabbles and thinks in confusion.