Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vuvuzela Johnson

Gaw complains here about British football’s culture of stubborn anti-intellectualism. Football is undeniably thick, but sometimes I wonder if it’s for the best – I mean, just look what happens when an intellectual opines on the game (h/t Frank Key).

Now Boris Johnson is a man who treads the fine line between clever and stupid with no little nimbleness for a large man. Heard a wonderful turn of phrase from him on the radio this morning, remarking on his desire that vuvuzelas be banned at the 2012 Olympics: “I don’t want to diss the vuvuzela, they are clearly very intoxicating things to parp.”


Willard said...

Saw Eagleton's name and closed it immediately. You should really warn a chap when you such a link, Brit.

Gaw said...

Both Johnson and Eagleton leave no room for parody - one in a good way and one, not so much.

BTW, I suspect Bozzer's collected quotes, when put end to end, will form one long comic poem.

Brit said...

It's the glorious freedom of the Guardian comment section again, Willard. You really can say anything you like in there.

David Thompson has fisked Eagleton here, but I particularly like this comment from R J Madden:

"Yes, that must be why the working man still hasn't recognised radical socialism as the glorious thing it is."

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