Saturday, June 19, 2010


Boooooooooooo. (Paaaaaaaaaaarp.) Boooooooooooo.

I hate football.


Sophie King said...

To the uninitiated it looked like eleven sulky multimillionaires running about in a desultory fashion occasionally kicking a ball. I watch football about once every ten years and this was truly entertaining for all the wrong reasons.

I do wonder how it is thought possible to construct a convincing national team out of players who are a product of the English club system where most of the really good (and overpaid) players aren't English. Can someone please explain this as my husband wasn't in the mood to answer my probing questions?

Peter said...

If I wasn't so worried about insulting you, I might say the World Cup seems to have you all in a tizzy.

Gaw said...

I thought you'd be glad England are likely to not do well - the sooner they get knocked out, the sooner you can enjoy the tournament. Wasn't that your argument? If they don't make even the knockout stages, you'll have that entire part of the tournament unsullied by partisan yearning and disappointment.

Mark said...

I have been spared most of the tournament so far, a small mercy. An impressive-sound corporation was called in to repair and renovate the local TV transmitter mast a few months ago. Instead, they managed to set fire to it. The result is that only some channels are now available. For example, I get no ITV or BBC4 but I do get Price-Drop TV, SuperCasino and Russia Today. Good lord.

Brazil, Argentina, France and Italy are usually the ones I enjoy watching. I'm not sure why contemplating the England team fills me with gloom. There's certainly no enjoyment in watching them.

Brit said...

Enjoyment is for sissies, Mark. There's no place for enjoyment in watching England, it's a question of grim duty.

Gaw - The pain won't end on Wednesday I suspect. So far we're still perfectly on course for the usual: unconvincing progress from the group stages before elimination on penalties to Germany.

Sophie - I'm not in the mood either, but the reason for the booing is that these English players are better than most of the foreigners at their clubs, and were also misleadingly good in qualifying.

Peter - not the T word! :)

Susan's Husband said...

"There's no place for enjoyment in watching England, it's a question of grim duty."

Sit back and think of England, eh?

Hey Skipper said...

SH wins.