Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vuvuzela Johnson - The poem

Vuvuzela Johnson
by Brit

A gin-soaked trombone,
A pot megaphone,
A line of coke on a c harp,
A vodka kazoo -
These are but a few
intoxicating things
to parp.


Willard said...

Beautiful lilt to that, Brit. It grows to that soul-lifting parp. Submit it to the Daily Mail immediately.

Brit said...

You don't think they might object to the drug references?

Brit said...

I've just noticed you could sing this to the tune of Hey Diddle Diddle.

That'll vary Brit Jnr's bedtime routine a bit anyway.

Willard said...

You can also sing it to the melody of that 'Favourite Things' song from The Sound of Music.

As for the drugs references: the Daily Mail will love it. It shows what a terrible state the country is in and why that lovely Joanna Lumley needs to take draconian measures NOW!

Gaw said...

Check the Downfall vuvuzela whilst you can (it'll probably be taken down). There's a link at my blog: