Thursday, June 24, 2010


Booosh! Paaarp! Booosh! Paaarp!
Gerrard's cross!
Paaarp! Booosh! Paaarp! Booosh!
Terry’s block.
Boooo! Paaaarp! Paaaarp! Boooo!
Same formation?
Booosh! Booosh! Booosh! Booosh!
Like Playstation!

I love foopball. And props to Fabio for the finest immediate post-match interview by an England coach ever recorded.


Willard said...

This World Cup is inspiring some of your best poetry... Have you been taking lessons from Carol Ann Duffy?

zmkc said...

I'm glad the team is 'going forward' - especially with 'minds without everything'. As long as they remember to put their boots on before they empty their minds.