Thursday, June 24, 2010

Isner Mahut

I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to suggest that the impossible Isner versus Mahut tennis match has fundamental implications for the very harmony of the universe.

It is obvious that Isner and Mahut are perfectly-balanced anti-doppelgangers. Isner is the unstoppable yin; Mahut the immovable yang.

Tied overnight at 59 games each in the (un)final set, it is vital to the structure of the cosmos that neither win today. Instead, they should carry on until they reach a magic number, such as the balanced prime 1,103.

At 1,103 games each they should immediately retire from tennis forever and go to live together in a wooden hut high in the Himalayas, where they should spend the rest of their days playing out endless chess stalemates and drawn games of noughts-and-crosses.


Willard said...

This sarcasm towards such peak athletes can only be explained by their refusal to wear your horrendous blue trainers.

BTW: I predict it will be over within 6 games this afternoon.

Brit said...

Sarcasm? The internet, as Sage David Cohen once remarked, is where sarcasm goes to die.

BTW: I agree.

Sean said...

And if the dont reach 1103 do they have to go Lucknow and listen to "It's All In The Game" on a endless loop?

Sophie King said...

I have my doubts that Isner will even be able to get out of bed today.