Monday, June 21, 2010

Think of England Style Icons: Mr Bump

Though clumsy, Mr Bump was a visual delight, his bandages crisp against a vivid sky blue. In retrospect, clearly the inspiration behind my continuing fondness for Adidas Gazelle trainers.


Willard said...

They'll go well with your Burbury trackie bottoms.

And my Captcha phrase is the wonderfully chav 'minted'.


Brit said...

Don't diss the Gazelles.

worm said...

A sensible pair of brogues is what you need.

Or some rugged 'off-road' sandals with lots of straps and manly things on them, coupled with some big hairy feet and yellow toenails for this season's full bloke look.

Recusant said...

You wear trainers? Good God. Next thing you know you'll be telling us about your fondness for baseball caps.

Have a word with Nige and, for goodness sake, get a grip.

Brit said...

You mean like a Man-Bag, Recusant?

Recusant said...

Ah. Touche, Brit. Touche.