Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Elizabeth, Doctor Who

I’d forgotten what an enjoyable film Elizabeth is (the 1998 one with Cate Blanchett, Geoffrey Rush etc). Structurally it’s similar to The Godfather, only more exciting. Christopher Ecclestone overcomes outrageous pantaloons to shine as Norfolk. Joseph Fiennes looks like Sir Robert Dudley but he acts too much.

Ecclestone is now two Whos ago. Saturday’s new Doctor Who with Matt Smith was really rather good; funny and quick and slightly less running down corridors shouting about THE END OF TIME ITSELF than usual. I’m glad it was good, because David Tennant, though presiding over the programme’s Golden Age, was looking ominously like taking Doctor Who up the A470 from Cardiff to Prestatyn. A timely reboot, that.


Gaw said...

The Elizabeth sequel is hopeless, however. Extremely boring - like a weekend in a North Walian seaside resort.

Brit said...

That's a pity. I've not seen it and was thinking I must check it out.

worm said...

The Elizabeth sequel? Is it called Elizabeth II? I should imaging that's definately less interesting than the first one

(tagline: "This time, one is personal")

Brit said...

Or is it called Elizabeth I II?