Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A poem for Recusant

Right in the Pharyngoolies
(a short poem inspired by this comment)

Theology, when it
is Dawkins and Dennett,
Can drive a chap to despair.

And one easily tires
of Pee Zee Myers.
The beard. The glasses. The hair.


Recusant said...

Ahhhh. Gawd Bless Yer Brit. You shouldn't have.

Peter said...

The poem is good, the title sublime.

malty said...

Talking of items in the goolie dept, be wary on this years Bury outing Brit, you might end up as a semi PZ Myers.
Talking of which, do with think that the inestimable PZ will be over to assist Dickie when he attempts to arrest Bennie?