Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pavement Panto™ - rhyming the tongue cluck (The Leopard)

Came across a terrific piece of attempted Pavement Panto™ (remember that?) in, of all places, Tomasi di Lampedusa’s seminal work of Italian literature The Leopard:

Ignorant vulgarity exuded from his every pore; even so, the two listeners were astounded; Don Fabrizio needed all his self-control not to show surprise....Father Pirrone did let his tongue cluck on his palate; then, annoyed at having shown his own amazement, he tried to rhyme the improvident sound by making his chair and shoes squeak and by crackling the leaves of his breviary but failed completely; the impression remained.


David said...

On Tuesday, heading to class, I got off the stairs at the wrong stop, something I didn't realize till I was halfway down the wrong hall.

I turned around and walked back, realizing only after I turned that I hadn't bothered with a Pavement Panto.

Brit said...

Upon realising, did you nip back and perform some PP as a matter of principle?