Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Cupcake shark jump

Worm brings to my attention the news that the Cupcake Bubble, which saw us through a tumultuous 2009, could be about to burst.

I saw this coming, of course, with the fin de siècle decadence of the $750 cupcake. Instantly I abandoned work on my £14 million art project, For the Love of Christ and Buttercream, a cupcake encrusted with 8,601 flawless diamonds, including a pear-shaped pink diamond representing the ‘cherry on top’.

Clearly, cupcakes have jumped the sh-.. oh God I’m bored of “jumped the shark” as an expression, it’s so past it.


Gaw said...

How about we replace 'jumped the shark' with 'baked the cupcake'?

Willard said...

Does this mean an end to your plans to erect a two hundred foot cupcake on a hill outside Bristol.

Brit said...

Willard - I was interested to read that the Taffy Lizard would "dwarf" the Angel of the North.

Can something dwarf something else if it's not next to it, or at least near enough that you can see both at the same time? Does one look at Ben Nevis and note that it is "dwarfed by Everest"? A small point but I like small points.

Brit said...

Gaw -

Definitely a candidate, but should we follow the pattern of moments when long-running TV shows go bad? ("shark jump" refers to the Fonz and a waterskiing incident in Happy Days)

After that awful Christmas Royle Family I'm thinking of "going to Prestatyn".

Or what about '24' - it's "brought back Tony Almeida".

Willard said...

I agree, whilst sadly noting that your small points dwarf my even smaller points.

malty said...

The next best water skiing incident is about to occur, when that extremely nice Christine Bleakely burd crosses the channel for charity on a pair.
A/ she obviously hasn't seen jaws
B/ training solely on cupcakes is not the answer.
C/ she looks rather fetching in a wetsuit.
D/ she also looks rather fetching out of a wetsuit.

Gaw said...

"Gone to Prestatyn" is redolent of so much awfulness that it's crying out to be used.

Matt said...

Dogs bark, Zeitgeist moves on.

Recusant said...

Oh Matt, I'm going to have to steal,ahem, I mean use, that. Although I think I might put the definite article in front of it.

Gadjo Dilo said...

Brit, bring your extravagent cupcake ideas to Bucharest, they've started a tradition of taking their minds of their problems by making the Biggest Tiramisu in the World, the Spongiest Sponge Cake in the World, etc.