Monday, April 19, 2010

Hegemony news

From yesterday's Sunday Times...

A TELEVISION star swigs her mineral water and throws the bottle into a recycling bin. In another scene, in the American version of The Office, the workers complain about metallic-tasting reusable water bottles and switch to filtered tap water instead.

They are among the television stars in shows from sitcoms to detective dramas who are lining up to bombard their fans with subliminal messages. “Behaviour placement” is aimed at persuading audiences to lead greener, healthier and happier lives.

The initiative reflects the “nudge effect” promoted by Richard Thaler, an economist, and Cass Sunstein, a lawyer who is advising President Obama on how to teach people to avoid bad decisions, from jumping red lights to eating junk food.

Sinister, isn’t it, the way these left-wing environmentalist Democrats have tapped into psychologically-based marketing techniques to be able to manufacture certain kinds of consent to certain kinds of agenda...


malty said...

Won't work, how many of us are wandering the streets with festival bunting around our necks just because those gibbering idiots from Channel four news are wearing gaily patterned ties?
When was the last time you saw a Toyota Prius?

Mind you, there are an awfull lot of Tina Fey specs wandering the highways and byways.

Sean said...

“Behavior placement” last seen in the early days of nulab as they tried to write the scripts to eastenders and the street, as I remember....which general political philosophy has left the populace confused and angry.

Next please, another bunch of idiots will be along shortly.

Dont get me wrong, Its unavoidable to make mistakes, but making the same mistakes over and over, is just crass.

worm said... watching TV I can subliminally pick up 'good' things? If thats the case then surely it should work the other way round, and by watching The Sopranos I can become a fat violent millionaire psychopath who has excellent meaningless sex with hookers every night whilst my faithful wife is at home cooking me an amazing dinner? Fingers crossed!!