Monday, April 12, 2010

Role models 2: 'Typical Germans'

On the subject of Respecting The Ref (for which important virtue we can forgive rugby players the odd eye-gouge) I was fascinated by Sir Alex Ferguson’s complaint that the Bayern Munich players effected the sending-off of Rafael da Silva by hounding the referee in the manner of ‘typical Germans’.

I can only assume he was referring to the cold and sly professionalism of their hounding. Ferguson’s boys do their ref-hounding in the British style: with aggression certainly; with passion, sure; but always with honesty and heart on sleeve.


Willard said...

Oh, why didn't he just stand still and the moment they touched him, give 'em the card?

Brit said...

I know, W, it still frustrates all these years on.

Brit said...

Note that the fool Keane is doing that old 'hold me back, hold me back' phoney hard man trick to the max.

Sean said...

You have got it all wrong Brit, all the ManU team wanted was to see if the ref still had any of Sir Alex's spit in his eye.

After all you cant be too careful driving on the M6, bits of concrete often inexplicably fall from bridges and the like, it just a coincidence that when caught they all look a bit like Keano.

Acts of human kindness are often missed, especially by Pool supporters.

martpol said...


Keane is doing that old 'hold me back, hold me back' phoney hard man trick to the max.

I bet if you showed that sort of behaviour to the footballers of the 70s, they'd scoff about the coiffured prima donnas of today, and how in their day they'd have simply kicked the crap out of their enemies. (In private, of course. In public, they'd rail against the standards of football descending into hooliganism.)