Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Award-winner of the day

In 2009 Myers was named the American Humanist Association's "Humanist of the Year".

From PZ Myers' wiki page


zmkc said...

He 'cultivates an interest in cephalopods' and spent his childhood 'studying the insides of fish'. And this is the information he is happy to reveal in his public profile. Can you imagine what remains unspoken?

Brit said...

Best not to dwell on it, I suspect, Z.

Peter said...


He was humanist of the year, not human of the year. Big, big difference.

malty said...

PZ is not alone, many of us spent our childhood studying the insides of fish, ours were however, accompanied by chips and wrapped in an old copy of the Daily Mirror.

Recusant said...

Oh go on Brit, do every one a service and put 'that' photograph up. We all need the opportunity to see what a humanist of stature looks like.

This one should do:

Brit said...

As you wish, Recusant.

Malty - you're on a roll.