Monday, May 31, 2010

The Lord's Perambulation

Notably, the crowd was today allowed to wander onto the field at lunch on the final day of the England-Bangladesh Test at Lord's, old skool style. It being Lord's, this retroprogressive freedom was called a 'Perambulation'.

The Lord's Perambulation seems to me the very essence of CamCleggy Liberal Conservatism. I like it very much and I wish the Telegraph would stop trying to strangle it at birth.


Willard said...

Well said.

The Telegraph are beginning to piss me off.

malty said...

It's a good job England don't play cricket against Scotland, the perambulation would turn into a deturfulation.

Or do they? they play locally..St Boswells.

People read the Telegraph? crivvens.

Sean said...

The lower the circulations go the more desperate they become.

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