Saturday, July 15, 2006

Poet's Corner

These poems all have proper rhymes and some are even funny.

Click here to go to the full Think of England poetry site.

Reviews: ...I give that an 11, on a scale of 10. - Hey Skipper ... Byronic - Peter Burnet ... The stuff of a future poet laureate - Toque ...Chavtastic - Wonkotsane .... A right proper use of the arts; cultural warfare. - Duck

The Art Snobs

The Chav


Ghosts of Christmas

Outside Wells Cathedral

The Blogger's Lament

Do It Yourself (commissioned)

Heir Apparent - for Prince Charles

A Regular's Sonnet (Spenserian)

Odds and sods:

Cold Calling
Bristolian Limericks
Spam poem
Anthem for American Teeth

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