Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Year of the Pod

Although 2011 has been a quiet year for Think of England in terms of posts - The Dabbler inevitably takes up the majority of my blogging time (and I contribute to the Christmas and year end stuff over there this week) - nonetheless remarkable things have been happening deep within its bowels.

For 2011 has been the year of Poddington, whose bizarre thoughts continue to accrue on the infamous Why the Scottish Hate the English post. He's had a second wind over the holidays, and I feel that with the prophesy of the forthcoming Great War between all nations - quoted in full below - he's really taken Poddingtonery to a new level...

The Great War...

In a nutshell...

Europe becomes one, well, The United States of Europe consists of ten key nations and possibly others. However, not twenty Seven like unto today.

Roman Catholicism has a great revival in Europe, becoming the state religion.

The Anglo Celts leave - they are the Christian Protestants.

Mean while, in The Middle East, The Shiites are growing and they become powerful. The Shiites are allied with Europe. This alarms the Sunnis to new and greater degrees, to the point that not only do they look to Anglo-Celts for greater alliances and ties, they are happy to become Anglo-Celtic protectorates.

For some reason the Roman Catholics, i.e. USE, move a great armed force into the Middle East. The Anglo-Celts confront them, and ask them if they have come to do them and their allies harm. The USE respond in typical German fashion, shocking everyone and using the element of surprise "how cleaver," they attack the Middle East using nuclear missiles and typically, cause great harm.

This rocks The Commonwealth of Nations. However, the Indian's attack from the East, and the North American's shock the USE by attacking Europe from the North. The USE
withdraw from the Middle East to fight the forces to the east and north. They manage to control those situations and return to the Middle East.

While this is happening, the Brits have reinforcements on the way to the Middle East.
However, they are too late. For, the USE attacks and captures Israel. By this
time, Jesus Christ has had enough and He and His armed forces attack and destroy
the USE.

Jesus then reigns from Jerusalem as the King of the Universe and the Anglo-Celts are the first to take unto Jesus great gifts of wealth, gold and silver and to acknowledge Jesus as Lord of the Universe.

So, that is the war between the Brits and the Germans within and according to the Christian scriptures, yet, this is according to my understanding at this current time of course.



Happy New Year all!

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Brit Jnr Minor arrives

We have doubled our number of daughters, to two.

Elizabeth Orla, arrived Saturday at 11.55am. 7lb 9. Spit of her sister.

All well, if sleepless.

Thursday, December 01, 2011