Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bloody Meerkats

Anyone else getting a bit fed up with them? Ferrets with ideas above their station, basically. I’m tempted to stick them on the Bad List on the grounds of excessive ubiquity.


malty said...

I lay the blame squarely at the feet of that Attenborough wallah, yomping hither and yon across the Masai Mara, poking sticks at the locals. Or, going back a tad, Armand and Michaela Denis, a very odd pair of coves, animals were of course greyscale in those days, the BBC not yet able to afford Ektachrome.

The word on the street is..animals are cuddly, are they buggery, dirty, smelly, randy, argumentative bunch of herberts, the lot of them. I mean, have you ever sat on a donkey in tropical temps, phew, pongarooneo!
Today of course we need the progs to include, as well as 1250 Meerkats, some tasty totty, the odd gender bender or two and all done with a worrying degree of obsession.
She is a cracker though, our Kate, that scene with her struggling through the Casbah, sweating profusely was, I thought, endearing.

Recusant said...

There's too much natural history on TV, full stop. Everything's been filmed and everything's been shown; the only novelty is that nowadays they show it in super slo-mo and HD.

I think we need a new series of 'Jack's Game', if any of you remember that excellent series from the late eighties where Jack Charlton had six shows demonstrating six different ways of killing and then eating the fluffy, furry and feathery critters.

Is 'Wor Jack' still around in your neck of the woods Malty?

worm said...

hate meercats, they pander to the lowest common denominator, simply because they stand on their hind legs, so, like penguins, they can be anthropomorphised all the easier.

anyway - why is that meercat russian? Is it because who ever made the ad realised that doing a broad pisstake of an african accent might make some people angry?

another strange thing is knowing that the guy who does the voice for that meercat is the bloke who played geordie Michael in Alan Partridge...

malty said...

Reculsant..apparently the infamous Jack does his noblesse oblige act now and then, returning to his home town and having his hand kissed by the faithfull, other than that, its only the fish he returns for.

Uncle Dick Madeley said...

I love 'em! Without the meerkats, we wouldn't have people who add the word 'simples' to every damn sentence. Simples!

Mark Everall said...

Ferrets v Meercats, no contest!

We British Ferrets intend to run those cutesy furry assed Communists out of the Country, once and for all.
We have been in training at our secret base for years and through our human allies we have now purchased Ferret4.Com.

Now poke your heads above the parapet, you cut price polecats, cause we're coming to get you!

Why should Britain and the World compare the market when now they can Ferret4 it!

Ferrets 4 Britain