Friday, November 17, 2006

Spam gets stranger…

…as AOG pointed out here. And even poetic. Here are my five favourites from the last few weeks:

5) sake – Thanks Placemats Turkey

4) Les Villa – Peach blister New Hampshire

3) Ayssa Lundy – ore smelter mis-mark

2) Gerald Daniels – lamb preparatory

But definitely number one is…

Norris Downing – Non-english nut-gathering


Susan's Husband said...

I suspect it's indicative of the junk e-mail market moving from direct profit to indirect profits. I.e., the money is made selling junk e-mail technology to suckers, rather than selling stuff to suckers via junk e-mail. This would lower the quality (and coherence) of the actual junk e-mail.

I have to say, though, I love the ones with "YOUR SUBJECT HERE" type stuff still in them.

Brit said...

Sometimes I think that 'Non-English nut-gathering" would be an apt description of this blog's proceedings.