Friday, November 10, 2006

Sibling rivalry

I always think of Australians not as Britain’s children, but as our tearaway younger brothers, always determined to get one up on the older sibling.

As England prepare to defend the Ashes in Australia (has it really come so soon?), let us remind ourselves of what Anglo-Aussie sport is all about.



Peter Burnet said...

...not as Britain’s children, but as our tearaway younger brothers,...

Yes, that's why we Canadians and Aussies just love you Yanks and Brits so much. It's your sense of filial obligation and care that makes us so proud and grateful. Although, I must tell you our sisters do have a few problems with those droit de seigneur claims.

Brit said...

The Americans are like the eldest son, brilliant and high-achieving, but still with a teenager's earnest and over-zealous ideals. He never calls, and when he does, it is out of sense of charity. One day he will calm down and recognise that there is some wisdom left in his elders, but in the meantime it's an exciting ride.

The Canadians are the goody two-shoes second son, basically decent but rather dull, always seeking the approval of the parents and forever always grassing up the elder brother for his excesses.

Peter Burnet said...

It's true we siblings bicker endlessly, but what does bring us all together is a good discussion on how hopelessly tired and dotty the parents have become and how we'll have to all work together to support the lovable but cranky old dears in their dotage.