Thursday, November 02, 2006

Perfect fit

A jilted Romanian man found a new bride by asking which of his neighbours could fit into the wedding dress.

Florin Mazilu, from Malu Mare in southeastern Romania, is now recommending buying the dress first and looking for the wife second. He claims his stand-in bride has turned out to be the love of his life after original fiancée Adelina Epure dumped him four days before their wedding.

Mazilu spread word in his hometown that he would marry any girl who fitted into the wedding dress and the wedding ring he had already bought.

Within hours he had found 21-year-old local Ana Maria who fitted perfectly into the dress and ring.

He said: "I had everything prepared for the wedding but no bride. I was determined to go ahead with a wedding though and while the conditions I set for a bride were unusual I knew that if she fitted the dress and could wear the ring on her finger it would work.

"Ana Maria was the only one of dozens of girls who could fit into the dress perfectly and could wear the ring. It was love at first sight. I knew she was perfect from the moment I saw her."

It might be an interesting test of your mental health to see which fairytale you thought of first: Cinderella and the glass slipper (romantic), or Procrustes and his bed (psychopath).


Anonymous said...

I must admit that I thought of Cinderella when I read your story but then, I hadn't heard of Procrustes and his bed.
I believe in taking a few risks in life. My husband and I had our first date on 10th February 1973 and married on 16th April that year. I expect we've had the same ups and downs in our marriage as couples who went through long courtships and careful planning. But we had a great time getting to know each other in the early years. I hope Florin and Ana Maria have as much fun.

M Ali said...

I'm starting to think these stories from Romania are inventions by bored junior editorial staff.

There's always some weird item about it in the Times. Country can't be filled with that many crazy people.

Brit said...

M Ali:

The same thought has crossed my mind. It's like Borat and his Kazakhstan.

But this story is crazy without being TOO crazy - ie. he didn't find a goat that fitted the dress and marry it. Though that might just be the junior editors being clever, of course...

Peter Burnet said...

Interesting question. Maybe the answer depends a bit on whether this is your mental image of Ana Maria or this is.

M Ali:

I think is was DeGaulle who said Romania isn't really a country, it's more a state of mind.


Bless you. Of course our leader here and some of his no-nonsense rationalist pals think you were incredibly foolish and undoubtedly under the sway of dangerous fairy-tales and perhaps even oppressive religious traditions. You should have lived together first for at least twenty-three years and studied each other warily to make sure you were perfectly compatible in all ways, wouldn't damage each other's self-esteem and could support each other's life-goals and personal growth. Then, once the kids were all grown-up, you could get make a comittment and get married. I mean, what was the rush? :-)

Anonymous said...


After being a student in the sixties, 'living in sin' in the seventies would have been far too conventional. Marrying a virtual stranger was the final outrage to perpetrate on my long-suffering parents.