Thursday, October 07, 2010

King Wu of Zhou

Futher to Martpol and Peter's comments in the post below, I managed to find this in the lesser known Dr Seuss book, The Cat in the Hat Returns to some Chinese Vassal States during the Shang and Zhou Dynasties...

Where are you, King Wu of Zhou?
Oh where, oh where, oh where are you?
In a flue?
Or at the Zoo?
Making gooey gluey stew?
A new goo stew!
A blue goo stew!
A new blue, glue goo, blue goo stew!
Is there blue goo in your shoe?
Oh where are you, King Wu of Zhou?

Are you floating in a moat,
In a boat,
with a goat?
Up a lamppost with a ghost?
Are you at Chief Trading Post?
Or in six-eight-four BCE
being rude to wee Xī Guī?
The wee wife of the Duke of Xī?
Duke Aī of Cài! Duke Gui of Xi!
Oh where oh where now can you be?
With your xizzle-xozzle-xoo,
Oh where are you, King Wu of Zhou?


Peter said...

LOL. No, honestly.

David said...

We know how Brit's been spending his free time.

Has anyone else noticed that after reading those books for a while you start to think in a Suessian rhythm?

worm said...

lucky charlotte to have her own personal dr seuss as a dad!

Brit said...

Gosh that's touched me, Worm, thankee. You've pressed a parental button there that didn't used to exist.

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